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Don’t let a Home Inspection Wreck Your Home Sale!

As you may know, the Real Estate Industry in the past has experienced many failed deals due to the Buyer's financing problems.

What was the solution?


Now most agents won’t show a house to a buyer unless they are pre-qualified by a bank or mortgage broker.

The result-- Sales improved. --- Less wasted time.

Today, what is the number one "DEAL-WRECKER"?

The Home Inspection

What's the solution? Something many proactive sellers are implementing:

"Pre-Sale Inspections"

Here’s what could happen to you: You have an interested buyer who then hires a Home Inspector (90% of them do) only to discover items not previously known or disclosed. This is a problem that must be solved for everyone involved. Often times it results in a “killed Deal”.

Meanwhile, YOUR plans are on hold while you hope for another buyer.

A Pre-Sale inspection puts you, the seller, in control.

Items in need of repair or replacement as well as safety issues can then be remedied prior to the sale or included in the disclosure.

The fee for this inspection starts at only $250.00* (call for an exact quote)

Call today and set up a pre-sale inspection for your home. We’ll treat you with respect, and treat your home like it was ours.


*Fee based on a typical home. Does not include ancillary services.

Sell your home faster for more money!

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