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Reviews from Around the Web

by Kelly Lisachenko
Kelly Lisachenko's profile photo
We were given a few companies by our Realtor to use for our inspection, but by the confidence and professional abilities we did select Integrity. During the process they were most helpful with many of the concerns we experienced and explained many of the deciding factors in the home we were looking to purchase. Thanks for everything!

by MaryJo Rosania-Harvie
MaryJo Rosania-Harvie's profile photo
We had a fantastic experience with Integrity Inspection. We learned a lot about our house just from The inspectors expertise. He made suggestions for future repairs, and had a general interest in the well being of our new house. We are extremely grateful for his experience and knowledge.

by Elaine Diefenderfer
Elaine Diefenderfer's profile photo
I am helping my 89 year old father sell his home of 45 years. Integrity Inspection was recommended to us to come and do a pre-inspection. The inspector came promptly and was very thorough. He took the time to explain his findings to my dad so that Dad could understand the issues. When he found the raccoon in the chimney, he went up on the roof in the rain to get a picture. And recommended the name of a "Critter Removal Service." If you want a to the point and accurate inspection, Integrity Inspection Services is your company...

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Reviews from Around the Web

by tbonewcu99
My wife and I are set to purchase a new home and the inspector came to do a home inspection for us on Saturday. He was very thorough and detailed about things that could be a problem and should require our attention. It is making our decision to purchase this home that much easier. Thanks for your help!

by Ashley
We thought home inspections were waste of money. Not anymore!!! We had a home inspection done earlier this year by someone else. The person just walked around and pointed out very obvious things that we could have found out for ourselves. The inspector from Integrity Inspection Service was very professional and detailed. He found issues that other inspectors would have missed saving us $1000s. The price was quoted upfront with no surprises later. We highly recommend the company.

by Paul
Extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the inspection. Took personal time to explain and answer any questions we had. We were rushed to get the inspection finished due to counter offer dates, so we called them and they delivered in remarkable time. They gave us a very clean and organized report that detailed everything. I would recommend them to everyone.

by mariana w
The inspector was a huge help we are new to home buying and he made us feel like we were making a wise investment. Thank you

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